Swiss Made

As a modern representative of the Swiss tradition in the field of watches, we offer a privileged collection for those who want to buy a quality “Swiss Made” watch at an affordable price, by blending quality materials with creative design.

Swiss Value

Swiss Value

A value that is protected by Swiss law with high quality craftsmanship

Swiss Value

Swiss Movement

The watch movement must be of Swiss origin

Final Inspection in Switzerland

Final Inspection in Switzerland

Timepieces’ final inspection must be carried out in Switzerland


Jacques Philippe carries the deep-rooted Swiss Made tradition and craftsmanship to modern times with modern designs.

With the quality and mastery of the Swiss tradition, designs that add their own interpretation to today's trends and their sense of elegance, they create today's young and prestigious watch brand.

Swiss Made


Jacques Philippe offers an impressive look as it delivers the Swiss Made tradition with powerful designs, quality materials and skillful craftsmanship.


Instead of being a brand that follows the trends and fashion, Jacques Philippe is a brand that offers a style to watch enthusiasts. It offers a distinctive, valuable style with the ability to perfectly combine the classic line with today's perception.


Since Jacques Philippe is a “Swiss Made” brand, which reflects the traditions and expertise of the watch industry. Therefore, it is among the competing brands of its industry. This competence is reflected on the products as quality, expertise and elegance.

Our Timepieces

Gents’ Timepieces

Swiss made quality& expertise, timeless designs and elegance will carry your style from today to the future. Get ready to welcome a new story with JP!

Ladies’ Timepieces

Today, take the first step to new memories that could leave a legacy to your future. Swiss made quality and expertise brings a completely different perspective to your style. Now is the time to make a difference!